Cooking with Cheryl - Char Siew
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It has been a terribly long time since I last blogged and well, cooking might just help me start blogging again!

So I've decided to take on the challenge to make char siew on tuesday. For those who do not know what's that. It's pretty much honey-ed grilled pork which tastes heavenly if you go to the correct places to eat it. One of my personal favourite would the the char siew place at Keong Saik Road, Foong Kee. The roasted meats over there is fabulous and I'm drooling as I imagine having a bowl of yummy char siew wanton noodle.

My boyfriend and I adore char siew so much so that I've decided to give it a go at making it. I thought it wouldn't be that difficult. :) Well it isn't but there's a lot of work needed.

Since it's the first time making char siew, I bought both pork belly and pork collar. Pork belly with not too much fats is definitely the best choice. Super yums!

Auntie Chan's Char Siew! 
It's so good that we finished up 650gms of char siew between us both.

Auntie Chan's Char Siew Recipe


What is char siew without
- 1 kg Pork Belly (look for less fatty ones!)

- Marinate
2 teaspoon of salt
4 teaspoon of sesame oil (can never get enough of this)
2 teaspoon of dark sauce (it gives the colour of the char siew. If you like it darker, add more)
2 teaspoon of pepper
4 tablespoon of honey
4 tablespoon of brown sugar (or white sugar but brown sugar sounds healthier :p)
4 tablespoon of oyster sauce or hoisin sauce
3 tablespoon of Rose Flavoured Wine 玫瑰露酒 (/Shao Xing/ Hua Diao) but rose flavoured is the best!
3 teaspoon of 5 spice powder

- 2 soup bowls of water

1. Go to the market and look for pork belly that's not so fatty.
a) Ask the butcher to remove the skin and cut them into about 1.5 inch wide strips
b) Do it at home yourself if you're getting from supermarkets

2. You can choose to tenderise the meat first by
a) Using the tenderiser
b) Poking the strips of meal vigorously with a fork (Good when you need to vent your anger)

3. Marinate the meal overnight in the refrigerator with the above marinate recipe. Cling wrap the bowl or you could also put the meat in ziplock bags to marinate.

Done? Nope! This is just the start of your char siew making process.

The next day when you open your refrigerator, you'll see something like below.

Pork strips that are obviously blackened by your marinate, which is good, at least we know that the marinate is doing its job.

Cooking with a wok

I've come to realise that a chef (ehem! something I would like to call myself) needs their wok and of course a cleaver which I have grown to love. Not forgetting sharp knives. Very very important. My knives at home are so blunt that the kitchen scissors are way better. Nonetheless, I enjoy cooking too much to be bothered by that.

1. Heat up the wok. Start of by pouring a suitable amount of oil (2-3 tablespoon) into the wok and allow the oil to heat up.

2. Once the oil is heated up, sear your strips of meat evenly. In angmoh terms, it means to brown your meat. When you do so, apparently you help seal the juices in them. Do that for about 5 minutes.

3. Pour in the rest of your marinate then add in water and allow that to simmer on low-medium fire for about 45 mins, turning the strips every now and then.

4. When it's about time, and the meat is tender enough, scoop up all of the char siew sauce into a bowl. (This sauce is da bomb! My boyfriend loves it and told me 'Got standard ah!')

5. At this stage, you can choose to either
a) Continue to try charring your char siew with the wok and applying honey mixed with the char siew sauce on your char siews every now and then.
b) Charr the char siew with a grill which was what I did. 

I put it in the oven at about 160 deg celsius to charr my char siew, applying honey mixed with the char siew sauce onto my char siews and flipping it over every now and then. Do so until it's something like below, although personally I would have preferred it more charred. 
(note to self: will probably try to finish off by charring directly with the stove next time)

As tempting as it is to immediately slice your char siew and eat it, do not do that! Once again, DO NOT SLICE YOUR CHAR SIEW IMMEDIATELY. It's a pain not to do that.
Let your poor char siew rest and cool down before working on it.

Tada!!! Your char siew is done!
Present it nicely on a plate with cucumbers and drizzle the oh-so-amazing-char-skew-sauce on top. You can also drizzle your rice with the sauce and just eat it plain. Just kidding.

Enjoy making and eating char siew!!! :D


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LYTRO: Shoot now, focus later!
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Hi All!
I know i've been missing for awhile but now I'm back with very cool updates! :)

Meet Lytro! The light field camera. I got mine in Graphite colour. The design is sleek, durable and simple to use!

look at the above picture! First I focus on the squirrel and then i focused on the tree with the dove behind! It's amazing how you can choose what you like to focus.

just plug in your Lytro and the desktop software pops up!
you can even share it with your friends to let them try out the Lytro experience online!


Click on the above link to try this out now!

Do like Lytro Singapore facebook page and you may stand a chance to win CapitaVouchers!

What are you waiting for? Like the facebook page and check out the Lytro experience!

Retail outlets can be found from http://www.qoollabs.com/lytro

Cheryl <3>

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It's a new era in fashion and there are absolutely no rules at all!

a mixture of high-end, low-end, classic labels and up-and-coming designers all together

you can create your own style that's affordable and stylish

Founded by Choc'O, F.L.V.R.Z is a Street/UrbanWear Brand

Check out the interview I had with him very recently with some pretty cool apparels!

Stay tuned to FindYourWayinSG for more exciting videos too! :)


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first of all
Happy National Day!!!
Singapore's 47 years old
Time really flies
geez. now i feel old. -.-

anyways, was working with kai ling today and it was hell-of-a-fun!
i haven't celebrated in ages
this year's was definitely the most memorable one
so we were given a number of tasks to begin with
and we thought that a vlog would be cool!
so here it is!

it was great fun
we added the shuffle part in just for laughs
i mean we girls just want to work hard and have fun too!


fingers crossed! i hope we win!

cheryl <3 font="font">

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Hello all!

i know i haven't blogged in ages!
but i swear i'm going to start again. :)

i've been terribly busy this holiday
it has been a crazy ride for me
where i work with my super girls, Deborah and Valerie.
we are a social media video magazine
so we actually do marketing and advertising!
got lobang please introduce ah!

i'm also in the RedBull wings team!
we are a bunch of crazy girls
it's never ending fun with what i'm doing :)
meeting people from all walks of life

i think whatever you do in life, it's always important to be happy
i enjoy my 'job'
in fact, i wouldn't call it a 'job' at all!

i'm thankful for opportunities
i'm 23 and i shall do something big for myself!

cheryl <3 font="font">

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i love A*Mei so much please


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favourite song of all time


Dum Dee Dum... I am not a super hero neither am i spiderman. I am going to save the world... like as if you would believe. I am a maniac. I came from an outer space which is filled with water. I learn swimming at the age of zero.I wail like a cry baby. I crawl like spiderman, i fly like superman, i drive like batman. I live in wonderland. Rugrats is my friend, so is peter pan. and You are my superhero.

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